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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 8, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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thursday, october 8th. i'm pam cook. >> we're ready. good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic to get you out the door. steve paulsen in his office. >> i'm here for five hours. high clouds, dave and pam. the lows are a little warmer due to the cloud deck. the afternoon temperatures will continue to bump up. we'll stay with that theme. a little breeze there. not much of one. most locations have less than five or seven miles per hour. there are a few isolated ones where the breeze does pick up. look at the high cloud deck. it's mainly been overnight. we'll have mostly sunny, partly sunny skies as everything rides up and over the ridge of high pressure. the hurricane coming up from hawaii. san francisco starting off at 60. we'll go 74. that's above average. oakland starting off in the 60s. we'll go 79 for a high today. that as well. as well above average. mostly cloudy in the morning. mostly sunny in the afternoon. fiftys and 60s on
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your temperatures. very mild due to the cloud cover. there's plenty out here. it's just not heading in the high direction. a lot of high clouds. humidity factors up, up, up. warmer, patchy fog apt best. near 90 inland. seven 0ás and 80s for others. at 5:01. everything still okay? >> yeah, you know what? right now, things are still doing very well. there are no major problems. right now, steve, if you are driving out to the mcarthur maze up or on the eastmother freeway. you can start there, and we can look at commute time m. it is a nice-looking drive. no major problems getting to the bay bridge toll plaza. seventeen minutes. in is about as good as it gets. later in the morning, sometimes that number, that number 17 changes into a 60 or 61, believe it -- believe it or not if you watch the whole morning like i do. there's only a little bit of a delay. contra costa county. our map system is showing us a
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good-looking drive. you see a lot of green on the map. >> 5:02. let's go back to the desk. three people in the oregon jail accused of the deadly shotting of a hiker. they were captured in portland. marin county investigateors tracked them through surveillance cameras and also through the gps of the victim's stolen car. the victim's wife who is battling cancer says she's overwhelmed by the support she's death during this painful time. marin county investigators interviewed the three suspects last night in portland and still don't know the motive for the shooting. when suspects are extradited, they'll be facing
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charges including murder and burglary. coming up at 5:30, why sheriff deputies are describing the three as drifters. san jose police are searching for a man who managed to escape. ktvu joins us to talk about where this manhunt is now focusment. >> i spoke way place lieutenant who tells me this suspect is still on the loose. they were not able to find him. yesterday, he was in the lobby of the main jail here when he bolted. he is street names. five' 11 and, -- with a thin build and has a tattoo. taking him into the main lobby of the jail. he magged to run away. wanted on two felony warrants for res -- burglary and assault with a deadly
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women. why bondsmen were after him in the first place. >> he failed to appear in court at when which point the bail bondsman looked for him because he failed to appear. they located him, took him if into custody, and at some point during that booking process when they were going to book him into jail, he escaped from their custody. >> police called in a s.w. a.t. team as well acequia nines to help in a door-to-door search in of -- of surrounding neighborhoods. it was called off. the yesterday afternoon overnight. if you do see him, police say to call 9 # 1. pam? >> certainly if he does still have the hand cuffs on, that will be easier to spot. 5:04. today is the part of san francisco's fleet week nearly everyone looks forward to. the first time the blue angels fly over the bay.
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paul chambers where the action. >> and take a look. this place is gorgeous. it's beautiful. let me show you something like here. in here, this is the helicopter that he got on. i am sure he would prefer it. strapped down. you know that is the case today. they will talk about the tour. i'll tell you what. i am joined by the commanding officer here. host going to talk as much as he can talk about. thank you for joining us this morning. >> it's a pleasure to be here, paul, and i'm glad you can make it. >> u.s. at somerset. and talk to me about that. this ship's mainsake is one of the three 9/11. and we are somerset. we're named after flight 93. the flight that was headed to san francisco.
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after a crash in somerset county in pennsylvania. so that is a crew. they found out about the attack. they took down the plane before it hit its target. saving thousands of lives on the ground. >> and you're based in san diego. you guys came up here and did a little help for the san francisco police department. tell us about that. >> the first part of this week of fleetweek. we're doing a disaster relief exercise of the san francisco fire department and the season francisco pd. there was a disaster just south of here. we anchored. we sent a shore. water. medical supplies. food. a mobile kitchen. all the things you would need if you have a disaster in san francisco and the navy came to help out. >> and officer reed will be here. there's a lot more to tell you about this. a special spot called the ring of names. of flight 93.
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correct? >> we'll have more about that coming up. you guys, again, from 10:00 to 2:00 today, they'll be able to tour the ship. we'll take you to different parts and show you things people will get to see. the main library, the one that was forced to shut down because of a bed bug problem reopens this morning. bed bug-sniffing dogs are going to be coming through at 10:00 this morning making sure the library is bedbug-free. earlier this week, a bedbug was found on a library mary. then the liebare was shut down on tuesday afternoon. pest control crews have been spraying the womenning since then. the bed bug problem courtroom comes after bed bugs were also found in libraries in palo alto and berkeley. well, there is a report that san jose city leaders plan to take another small step towards a proposal to led landlords evict some tenants who get arrested. the san jose mercury
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news says the city council committee decided to hear more public comments before moving forward with the plan. the proposal would allow landlords to require tenants to sign a crime-free housing agreement. they would then agree to be evicted if they were arrested for any felonies including drug and gang-related crimes as well as is assault. supporters say it would make their neighborhood stay -- safer. opponents worry it would bring -- tenants to pay higher. livermore, hayward and richmonday are some of the bay area cities that already have similar plans in place. speaking of plans. plans by bart to expand service in a road block. coming up in 20 minutes, why the opening of the warm springs bart station is now being delayed. >> but first, vw's top u.s. executive is facing some tough questioning today. up next, the answers lawmakers listen demand -- will be demanding on capitol hill following the emissions scandal which impacted hundreds of thousands of cars here in the
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united states. good morning. we're looking at hay commute here where traffic is actually doing well on highway 101. san francisco. we'll take a look at the san francisco commute when we come back. >> our weather is doing well if you like warm temperatures. they'll be in the upper 80s to 90. we'll have a lot of high clouds. we'll see if in pattern is on hold. if there are neocomians brewing for the weekend.
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time is now 5:11. congress getting involved in the vw emission scandal on two fronts as the senate committee launches an investigation and the ceo of vw's american division testifies before a house committee this morning. a preview from washington. rich? hey. good morning, dave. and how is vw going to address this problem? what can its consumers expect out of all of this? and who is specifically responsible for rigging these cars? that is what lawmakers say they want to know. a little later this morning, they'll have an opportunity to ask. regulators, dealers, and vw customers are demanding answers from the auto maker. now it's congress's turn. the president and ceo of vw group america appears before the house ener why i and congress committee this morning. in his prepared remarks, michael horn claims that quote in the spring of 2014, i was told that there was a possible emissions noncompliant that could be remedied. later in 204, i was informed that the technical team had a specific plan for remedies to bring the
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vehicles into compliance. he also says vw was working with government regulators at the time. well, last month, vw admitted it installed software in cars to detect when autos are undergoing an emissions test. the software changes the car's performance during testing allowing them to pass emissions reviews. after admitting it publicly, the company's ceo resigned. the software affects about a half million awe tees in the u. s. vw model years 2009 to 2015 and audis equipped with 2.0 engines. >> we must fix those cars because we prevent this from ever happening again, and very to -- we have to make things right with the government, the public, our customers, our employees. very important, our dealers. >> the senate finance committee has allowed an investigation into the use of federal tax credits, one designed to promote fuel-efficient cars. the environmental
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protection agency is also investigating vw, and officials there say they are working with the department of justice. analysts say all this in the end could end up costing vw billions of dollars. dave? >> all right. rich from washington. thank you, rich. hillary clinton now says she opposes the pacific accord back by the obama administration. democratic presidential frontrunner is distancing herself from the 12-nation trade deal that is now under scrutiny by congress. she promoted the agreement as secretary of state. in an interview with pbs, she is concerned that currency, manipulation, will not be part of the agreement. >> we have lost american jobs to to the manipulation that countries, particularly in asia, have engaged in. i am worried that the pharmaceutical companies might have gotten more benefits and patients and consumers, fewer. >> many democrats including clinton's leading democratic rival, senator bernie sanders, also opposed the deal
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saying it could cost jobs and hurt consumers. new this morning, calms are getting louder for an independent investigation on a u.s. airstrike in a hospital in afghanistan. president obama apologized for last weekend's bombing that killed at least 22 people including three children. the hospital was set up by the humanitarian group, doctors without borders. the head of the organization is review knewing her calms for an independent review. the u.s. will examine military procedures to look for better ways to prevent such incidents. time is 5:13. san francisco police searching for the thieves who stole three sculptures from the public art exhibit. promoters noticed last month that the art pieces have vanished from the plaza. it's right across from the ferry building. the art exhibit about free speech was installed in july and two of the pieces that were stolen are similar to these pieces you see in this photo. now, there may -- they are made out of bronze, and thieves can melt them down and sell them for thousands of dollars.
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>> it's unfortunate that somebody was trying to make a quick buck by stealing someone assart. >> it's daunting to know that people would steal it and sell it. >> invs. gaiters think the thieves may take to a pawnshop or applettal recycling center. if you have any information about these stolen pieces, call san francisco police. a mountainsidewalkway made out of glass is closed today because some of that grass shattered. the scenic walkway opened last month. it was a big draw for tourists, but a single pane shattered into pieces about the size of coins. inspectors say tourists were only threatened because of one of the flee layers of glass that made up that walkway was damaged. just think about that, pam. >> would you walk on that? >> i would probably say stay far, far, far away. >> i don't think i would walk around that either. >> that's a long drop.
5:17 am
>> it freaks me out just looking at those kippeds standing there by the railing. sal. and once you have killeds. >> i'm with you. i'm not walking on that. >> and you have a toddler. there's a whole different feeling not your stomach when your kid gets close to something. >> protection and all of that. hey, by the way, guys. our friend e40 p. you may have heard of him. he's up, and he says hello. >> good morning. he said -- i asked him why he was up so early, and he said don't nothing come to a sleeper but a dream time to get the guy da which means he's up early grinding. back to you. >> and go ahead and mitt us up are on social media pieces. there's not a lot of traffic going on. the that is going to change within the next half hour or so has to
5:18 am
change. southbound 880 near the union city exit. there was a crash reported. and traffic is beginning to back up. it is early enough that you don't have a big back-up yet. and i just want to mention if you are heading south, you might see an unexpected back-up on southbound 880. we'll keep an eye on that. hopefully we'll get it out of the way. i am not sure how serious the injuries are. it is a key role. if no one is seriously injured, they always get those things out of the way rather quickly. let's move to the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is backing up in some of nose cash lanes. and this morning on highway 101 in soon plan -- san francisco. the traffic is looking good. if you are coming not from the peninsula, it's a nice- looking drive to the 80s split. >> i try and stay here. but give me that lime again. >> i know. >> basically, he's out -- do you know what chasing paper means? >> no. >> trying to make money. >> trying to earn a living. >> but he can't sleep.
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>> he's not up eating cheese. >> not eating cheese. >> he's not literally eating cheese. thank you, pam. >> all right. i'm chasing rain. i can't find any. so everywhere but here seems like. a lot of high clouds over us, and i think i have a pretty forecast for you. thank you, pam, dave. all right. not much of a breeze. a lot of high clouds, and some patchy low clouds. but temperatures starting on the mild side. in fact, they are warmer this morning. plenty going on. nothing really here. it's just kind of an inokayous pattern for us. we do get the high clouds. there's a lot of energy move into the gulf of alaska. there's some down in the four corners. some of that is going to head back towards southern california. by the way, i might add tomorrow. l. a. will be about 100 degrees. >> oh my goodness. >> everybody is going to be in the 90s to near 100. san francisco today, 74. that's four above average for this time of the year.
5:20 am
oakland, 79. that's also above average. you're throwing in a lot of humidity. low clouds. a lot of high clouds. the energy coming around dropping over us giving us a partly to mostly cloudy night. temperatures are in the 60s more so than the 50s. gilroy f 1. santa cruise at 59. these are some of the higher elevations. the coolest. scotts valley at 56. yesterday, were 49. forty-three. sixty. low 60s also. sacramento. remains of a hurricane coming up from the hawaiian islands accelerating. the system is falling apart, but that is driving the ridge of high pressure up over us. that is why our temperatures are warming up. the low in texas and new mexico is going to rotate all the way back and end up off the southern california coast next week which is not something you see very often at all. seventys. eightys. we might get some high clouds out of it, but that is about next wednesday. for us, temperatures warming up. tomorrow will be even warmer. near 90 for some inland. a little cooler saturday and sunday. looks warm again monday.
5:21 am
really warm. >> oh, boy. all right. up and down the state, it sounds like. yeah. >> it's hot in l. a. >> all the way down to san diego and orange county. >> we may have to get back in the pool. >> i think so. maybe. yeah. thank you, steve. all right. it's 5:21. the rain may have stopped in south carolina, but the threat of floods still lasts through the weekend. water from swollen rivers is heading toward the atlantic ocean, and that is raising more flooding concerns for those living right along the coast. at least 13 dams have failed now since saturday. about 10% of the state's 4.8 million people have been ordered to boil their water before drinking it. and the storms have now killed at least 17 people in south carolina. two in north carolina. south carolina estimates it may need up to $1 $1 billion in federal aide to rebuild after this storm. >> wow. all right. time now is 5:21. still ahead, it's where you can buy one-of-a-kind handcrafted items.
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up next, the big launch by amazon today that could give etsy a run for its money. ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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the mayor stockon the. now taking legal action. anthony silva was returning to china when he says agents confiscated his electronic devices. as we told you, he says they still haven't been returned even though he was told he would get the devices back juan 48 hours.
5:25 am
silva has filed a motion against homeland security claiming that sergeants -- agents violated his fifth amendment right. he says agents demanded his passwords and seized his property without a warrant and reasonable suspicion. he's concerned about sensitive city business which could be on his computers. >> i have a lot of bankruptcy stuff between the city of stockton and all the creditors that we have. exon if i denttial information like that. lawsuit pay-outs, things like that. things that are happening with the police department. e-mails i get. and that could be sensitive too . >> he says there is nothing illegal on his devices. >>reporter: toe. toyota will are have a self- driving car in less than five years. the latest self-- driving lexus taking that prototype on a five-mile drive. you see the driver at the wheel but all he had to do was push a button to turn on the engine. the plan is to release that car in time for the summer olympics in tokyo in
5:26 am
20/20. amazon launching a new site to tell handcrafted items. it's called handmade at amazon. it will include 80,000 items from 5000 sellers all over therd who. the items sold here may seem similar to those you find on popular craft-selling sites like etsy. and when they were asked about competing with amazon, etsy ceo said that about half hoff their sellers already sold on other venues, but etsy is their main source of income. well, is it a marriage made in digital paradise. that is what pandora and ticket fly are opening. the streaming music company is baying the ticket seller for -- with that acquisition, pandora will be able to offer listeners the ability to buy tickets with concerts featuring what they have listened to on the streaming service. pandora is based in
5:27 am
oakland. about 80 million people use its free service every month. that deal is expected to close by the end of the year. time is now 5:26. still ahead, more coyotes being spotted around the bay area. up next, what you can do around your house to keep these unwanted visitors away. and three people have been arrested in connection with the death of a hiker in marin county. how police were able to track them down in oregon. and the background we're also learning of the suspects.
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thus, october eighth. i'm cave clark. >> good morning. time now is 5:30. checking not with steve. and it's going to be warmer this afternoon. >> this afternoon looks really warm for everybody. there is a lot of humidity too. >> oh, really? >> yeah, a lot of high clouds over us. and holding everything up, pam and dave. in fact, temperatures. some breaks in the clouds. you can see some of them. the photo journalist chip vaughn. i do leave this is you, my friend. venus, and i believe mars, possibly. you're looking at me. i know venus is very bright. >> probably venus. radio right? yes. i'll find out for sure but i'm pretty sure that's it. >> a lot of high clouds over us. temperatures are held up. a lot of 60s. east and 60s.
5:31 am
santa rosa one of the coolest at 52. remains of hurricane in the gulf of alaska. it should be a op whopper of a system up there. all it is doing for us is pumping up the ridge of high pressure. temperatures warming up this low, believe it or not. he's going to be all the. way back towards baja and off the southern california coast this week. rare to see that, but it looks like what's happening. high clouds. kind of humid. muggy. temperatures warming up near 90 inland. only some patchy fog. you 5:31 u. are we all rightishment. >> that would be the one glitch for the morning commute. southbound interstate 880. right near the miles. this crash is blocking lanes. and this traffic is beginning to slow down on 880 southbound. just north of the niles exit. that is an injury crash that usually takes a little bit of time. i am just
5:32 am
reading right now that all lanes have just been open. that is good news. the tow trucks are there, and it looks like the vehicles that are still there are off to the right-hand side. they are not in the lane. that is in good use. all lanes are reopened. it does appear that the injuries are not life threatening. let's look at the commute here on 880 further up. both directions. traffic moving along very nicely. if you are going to the bay bridge, we do have a little bit of cloud crowding at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights are not on just yet. they should be on very soon. you'll see those middle lanes that you see moving through there. they'll slow down. now, let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we are learning more about the arrest of three people up in oregon who are suspected of killing a hiker in marin county. bryan florez in our newsroom. a lot of people are happy about this arrest, but investigators say this is not over. >> you are exactly right. we are expecting soon the three suspects in the case will be brought back to the bay area to face charges including murder and
5:33 am
burglary. while more information is coming out about the suspects, investigators still don't have a motive for the shooting. now, the three suspects were arrested without incident in portland yesterday afternoon. now, from left to right, 24-year-old shawn michael angled, 23-year-old morrison hayes lansely. nineteen-year-old lila scott allgood are described as drifters. neither have permanant addresses. online records show lancely was born in san francisco. the photo on the right is from a prior arrest in portland. now, marin county investigators tracked us the sect -- suspects through surveillance videos at convenience stores and a gps system on the victim's car. deputies say the suspects shot and killed 67-year-old steven carter on a hiking trail monday night near fair fax and stole his vw jetta station wagon. >> a number of people who came forward almost med otherrer immediately who reported persons of suspicion p people who were pacing strangely. they seemed out of place.
5:34 am
>>reporter: just last night, search teams cowered the shooting scene to look for more evidence in the days. the victim's wallet of the was found tossed in the area earlier this week. steve warter, the victim of this case was a yoga teacher, very popular by many. we understand many of his students and followers are heartbroken. pam, back to you. >> everybody is talking about it in marin county. the people people very safe walking around those trails. >> yep, i can imagine. it's been very alarming. thank you. time is 54:34. we also now know the name of the suspect wanted in connection of the killing of a popular ice cream vendor in oakland. police say they're searching for 23-year-old lopez. here is his photo. he's described as 5' 7", about 160 pounds. you can see he has dread locks. police say lopez is connected to the death of s. the ice cream vendor was kimed in his van on pearl street in east oakland on saturday. his van crashed into
5:35 am
a car after she was shot -- he was shot. now, police say nothing was stolen. they are still trying to figure out a motive for that shooting. meantime, police in berkeley have arrested a man accused of killing a church deacon tuesday night. twenty-four-year-old christian hunter was a deacon in oakland. he was also a father of two young girls. berkeley police have arrested 24-year- old anthony duran for that shooting. but the victim's mother says she forgives him. >> i forgive him. he needs to know that. i love anthony, and that's not going to change. and he's okay and in a better place. i know i'm going to see him again. >> now, if suspect was arrested last year in connection with another shooting that sent two men to the hospital. police haven't told us a motive in this latest case, but say the suspect and the victim did know each other. senate democrats are preparing to push for a new gun control legislation.
5:36 am
the renewed effort comes a week after that mass shooting in oregon. democrats want to expand background checks and requirements to cover sales at gun shows and online. republicans blocked similar legislation in 2013 after the newtown, connecticut school shooting and with republicans controlling both houses of congress, the democratic effort is not expected to be successful this time around either. investigators say the gunman who kimed nine people at umpquoa community college shot and killed himself in front of a classroom full of students after two police officers wounded him. they so say when officers arrived at the college, they saw christopher harper mercer standing in a doorway. he shot at officers who returned fire. >> one round, struck the shooter in the right side. once the shooter was wounded, he entered the classroom again. he went to the front of the classroom and he shot and killed himself. >>reporter: investigators say harper mercer was enrolled in a writing class at the
5:37 am
college, and he opened fire in that classroom killing his teacher and eight classmates. the funeral for most of the shooting victims has been scheduled starting today and running through the weekend. now, president obama is traveling to roseburg, oregon tomorrow to meet with victim's families. on the day of the shooting. president obama made an emotional mark once again renewing his call for tougher gun legislation. that is not something supported by many people in roseburg, despite the shooting. the white house says the president's visit tomorrow is about honoring the victims, not about politics. and from oregon, the president heads here to the bay area. he is said to arrive in san francisco about 8:45 tomorrow night. he will attend a private fund- raiser for the democratic national committee and on saturday, the president will attend a dnc fund-raising concert at the workfield neater in san francisco that features a musical performance by rapper kanye west. the president will then head to los angeles and san diego to attend private fund-raising events. all right.
5:38 am
time is 5:37. work on bart, silicon valley extension hit a speed bump. the opening of the warm springs station in freemont is being pushed back. now, the bart station was due to be ready for trains and passengers in december. construction is almost finished. and the $890 million expansion project is on budget. the delay has to do with testing everything. officials have to condition duct how thousands of tests from the automatic train control to communications. >> it all comes down to testing. you can be on time with building it which is what we are. it's just if you hit a snag or the testing is just taking a little bit longer. things aren't really talking like they're supposed to and you have to troubleshoot it, then you just have a little bit of a delay which is what we're in now. >> it won't be until the first part of next year before it has a better idea of when the station will open. by then, all of that testing will be completed. santa clara county has selected a construction company to review the troubled valley medical center expansion
5:39 am
project. construction stopped a couple of weeks ago when the county fired turner construction because of very lengthy delays. now, wisconsin-based bolt construction will review all of the work out there and give an estimated cost to complete the job. santa clara county has filed a lawsuit against turner construction. turner construction blames the county for those delays. san francisco pleads -- prides itself on individual neighborhoods and the small businesses that give them character. the city has seen a number of businesses close because of skyrocketing rent. some like sam's grim have been able to come back. not all have been able to rebound. last night, sam's posted a fund-raiser for a measure on next month's ballot that would help some historic businesses stay hope in their traditional neighborhoods. if voters approve proposition j, supervisors would nominate up to 300 bids that would be eligible for city grants. no not everyone thinks that's the best use of city money. >> i it is still no reason for the taxpayers to pay a moneymaking
5:40 am
business to keep them in there. >> i think it will help create an incentive to -- incentive to bring in new business to help maintain wonderful historic legacy businesses. >> the landlords of those businesses would also be eligible for grant morn know. san francisco can pay as much as $94 million during the first 25 years. alden smith pled not guilty to dui and hit and run charges at the santa clara courtroom. smith was arrested back in august after he backed his car into out car and then he left the scene. police say he came back on foot, and he underwent a p field sobriety test, and he registered above the legal limit. now, smith also is facing a vandalism charge. he's accused of opening his car door and damaging another car. during the 2014 season, smith received
5:41 am
nine games suspension for what the nfl calmed violation of its policies on substance abuse and also personal conduct. nfl team owners say a vote should happen in january on which team or teams will be able to relocate to los angeles. the team owners are no new york. they're having their fall meeting. the owner of the pittsburg steelers says he expects the oakland raders, san diego chargers, and the st. louis rams will all ask to move to los angeles. twenty-four of the 32 owners would have to say yes for the team to move. san diego is proposing a shared stadium with the oakland raders. st. louis have their eyes on the domed stadium in englewood. >> the number of reports of coyotes seen in the bay area neighborhoods increasing. state wildlife are offering safety tips. they say coyotes generally travel to areas where people are when they are looking for food,
5:42 am
water, or shelter. they suggest you keep food and water for your bettings inside. don't leave them outside. keep garbage can lids tightly closed and pick up any fruit that has dropped from your trees. they say scattered birdseed can also attract rodents which then draws in the coyotes, and they add if a coyote acts aggressively, you should make a lot of noise. keep an eye on your children and small pets. >> yes. >> especially. don't leave them outside when you are in an area where there are coyotes. >> good advice. time is 5:42. still ahead, a lawsuit, a lawsuit against two top tech executives. the claims the couple's former housekeeper and nanny are making about alleged harassment and unpaid work. plus those wildly popular bay bridge lights. they're about to be turned back on. we'll tell you what it took to power up this art project once again. the traffic does look okay heading
5:43 am
south on 60 -- 680 past the mission boulevard exit. and that accident on 880 has cleared up. we'll tell you more about some other problems we have. a lot of high clouds over us, and very mild conditions, and in fact, it continues to warm up on the afternoon highs. we'll show you that for charser thursday and see if that continues into friday as well.
5:44 am
i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california.
5:45 am
over the next few moss, engineers are going to be installing the light display. this is contemporary heart. >>reporter: originally, it was intended to be a temporary work of art.
5:46 am
it was so wildly popular that the group behind the project decided they were going to raise enough money to reinstall those lights. that is what they are going to do. the western span is dark. the display has not been set up just yet, but pretty soon, the bay bridge will be lit up. construction crews are busy getting started on this installation of light display. it includes 25,000 leds. those lights is went up in 2013 and were taken down two years later. now the lights will be shining bright as the eyes of the world the turn to the bay area for superbowl 50. that was -- that is important that san francisco and the bay area look its guest. the foundation behind this project. it's called illuminate the arts. they reportedly raise $4 million to reinstall the lights and bring back what they describe as an extraordinary piece of
5:47 am
contemporary art. >> no would be should mistake this as a light show. this is a work of contemporary art. we're blessed to have it be part of our nightly experience. it is, in fact, an extraordinary work of contemporary art. >> and so electricians and construction clue crews. they'll be spending the next two months putting the entire display back up. everything should be in place. they should be plugging in those lights sometime in december. and by the way, they have is raised enough money that they'll be able to keep the light display up for at least the next decade. god news for you, dave. everybody else to enjoy this display on the waterfront. >> that's major. i love it. >> it's a big deal. >> amen. alex savage, thank you. time now is 5:47. >> let's check in with sal, shall we? >> she's right there. >> how is traffic?
5:48 am
>> your tie matches my shirt a little bit. >> oh, yeah. it matches the background too if you have noticed. >> more of that too. >> good morning, everybody. although if you pay attention. there you go. see? traffic authority. red and blue. let's go out and take a look at the commute now. highway 24. we're going to start there. twenty-four traffic is getting busier on the way to the tunnel between walnut creek at oakland. it's not stop and go just yet. you'll see some slow traffic throe in some areas as you drive to see the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights are on. it's about a 15-minute wait before you make it on to the span. we have been looking at the south bay. we have mostly good traffic. already some slowing on northbound 101 just after the 280 interchange. the highway 87 near 280. there was a report -- highway 87 near the capital expressway, there was a report of a crash there. and it is moving along relatively well anyway. 5:48.
5:49 am
let's go back to steve in the weather center. >> thank you, stir. we do have a lot of high clouds over us. the lows are held up a little bit more. sixtys and 50s. temperatures up three to five degrees compared to 24 hours ago. the high temperatures are on their way up each day too. today will continue that trend as well probably all the way into tomorrow with upper 80s to near 90 for some. not much of a breeze. just a little one. everybody including san francisco, around the bay, and inland are above average on the temperatures. high clouds, warmer lows. higher humidity and above normal temperatures. it's a dry pattern. don't see a lot going on. very interesting pattern taking place. remains of a hurricane coming up from hawaii now streaming northeast towards the gulf of alaska. this is not something that happens very often, if ever, since 1949 in october. now, it can happen earlier, but in october, this in is very rare. there are two things going on that are very rare. i'll show you the next one in just a second. seventy-four. sixty for san francisco. that's the forecast. the average is 70. fifty-four. the lows are way up.
5:50 am
ninety-nine the record high. 1996. you might remember some of that. san jose. eighty-two the forecast today. sixty-one low. well above on the low. seventy-eight so above on both counts. ninety-seven. 1996. forty-three the record low in 1975. sixtys on the temperatures. a lot of upper 50s. more so in the north bay which is a lot cooler. mill valley, 54. but 60 for some. upper 50s for others. mid 50s windson and into hillsburg. so the higher clouds holding them up as well. sixty. and even sacramento and monterey in the low 60s. that is the e are mains right there as it funnels up. it's going to be a whopper of a system near juno, alaska as that system drives northward. very deep system in the gulf of alaska. but the second rare event is this low. that is the one that gave us the thunderstorm saturday night. it went into southern california, gave them rain. rain in arizona. now it's in new mexico and texas. it's going to backtrack all the
5:51 am
way out across baja, come on up off the l. a., san diego area and move back in maybe next wednesday. i couldn't tell you the last time i saw that if ever. two interesting developments. one heading towards the gulf of alaska and the other one is low. for us, we're sandwiched in between with pretty quiet weather. we is had houghed -- high clouds and rather warm temperatures. ninety antioch and brentwood. near 80s. seventy-nine oakland. up every 80s to near 90 morgan hill. gillroy. saratoga, 85. cupertino is in the 80s. seventys on the coast. water temperatures are warm. i'll tell you there is a lot going on. just no rain here, and above normal temperatures. >> you won't need a log long sleeve shirt today. >> not today. it's going to be hot and humid. >> it's going to be warm. i guess in the afternoon. >> why put them away? >> yep. >> thank you. time now is 5:51. canines. where you might not expect them. the flight training. some dogs are now getting to
5:52 am
make sure san francisco and the san francisco bay stays safe from terrorists.
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. east bay park police believer they have recovered the body of a san francisco man. police say a fischerman came upon the body at a livermore lake yesterday morning who was floating half a mile north of the marina.
5:55 am
the body is thought to be that of 31-year-old. investigators say the sales force employee was on a team-building exercise with coworkers when their boat began taking on water. everyone else managed to swim back to shore. officials say no one on the boat was wearing a life jacket. 5:55. a part of san francisco's fleet week involves disaster training. it's not just humans taking part. specially-trained dogs are learning how to be hoisted into a helicopter so they can be deployed to a cargo ship right outside the golden gate. ever since 9/11, security has been tightened for ships in san francisco bay. >> these are supposed to detect some canines. we will have the ability to. any kind of threat. >> those canine dogs worked with chp. each one got their own goggles
5:56 am
and ear protection to handle the wind ask the noise. their handlers within along for that 75-foot hoist. >> i was coming back out. his face was right next to my face. so i would just tell him good boy and let him know that everything was going to be okay. >> look at that dog just watching his handler. all three dogs passed their test rides with flying colors. they'll now continue that ire e coast guard training. >> the sight of loadside pumpkin patch. halloween is around the corner. two trout is making it hard tore find the perfect pumpkin. half moon bay is pumpkin central. they had to import bigger pumpkins from osteites where water was available. the grows think the drought has met fewer and smaller locally-grow grown pumpkins this year. >> they don't have too much water in year.
5:57 am
>> now, half moon bay pumpkin growers say well water reserves in the area help their crops do better than others. well, it is now 5:57. coming up, handcuffed man managed to escape in san jose. the search is now underway for a suspect wanted on two felony warrants. >> some pretty tough questions on capital hill. the answers lawmakers will be demanding following the emissions scandal affecting hundreds of thousands of vw cars. >> if you are hitting the road soon, we have a couple of slow-downs that are beginning to pop up. we'll tell you where they are and give you more of a reason to look at the south bay commute here. we have a couple of problems on highway 87.
5:58 am
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good morning. the three people accused of killing a hiker in marin county are behind bars. we'll tell you what we have learned about these suspects. police are on the look-out for a suspect who managed to escape right before he was about to be booked to the jail. we'll tell you what happened in the search
6:00 am
and what this fugitive is wanted for. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for waking up with us thursday morning, october 8th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. i hope you like it hot and humid. >> we're used to it anyway. >> for october, it will be warm. today is national poetry day. i thought i tweeted this out. >> you did? >> all right. >> we do have a lot of high clouds spilling over us. temperatures. they'll do that probably into friday. the sun comes up. the fog goes away. >>


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